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Stories from the Conway Regional Health & Fitness Center


Health Fitness Center Testimonial BridgettBridgett Shinn (right) standing with Ruston (left), one of our many certified trainers.

Going the Distance

With her health declining, 61-year-old Bridgett Shinn continued to eat irresponsibly and avoid exercise. Her slow recovery from a major surgery made things even worse. But a little encouragement from her daughter changed everything. Bridgett says, “One day, I returned home from work, and my daughter asked me why I wasn’t out walking. She demanded I put on my walking shoes and hit the streets!”

One month later, Bridgett joined Conway Regional Health & Fitness Center and began working with a personal trainer. This was a transformative experience for Bridgett, whose spirit rose to the challenge of living healthy. When it comes to her regimen, she says, “I love setting up goals and challenges. I do cardio five days a week and lift two. I also set weekly and monthly goals. They vary, but getting my protein and workouts in are always atop my goals list!”

Within a year, Bridgett was accomplishing goals she never dreamed possible, and began planning for the future. “Currently, I have an end-of-year challenge to do two 5Ks each month, from October through December." Clearly, she’s not about to stop pushing herself!

At the age of 61, Bridgett is happier and healthier than she’s been in more than 20 years. Her advice for anyone considering making a positive lifestyle change is to “fall in love with taking care of yourself! That's one love story that ALWAYS has a happy ending!”

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HFC testimonial ameliaAmelia Reed (left) leaning on her trainer, Mallory (right).

Get out of your comfort zone and get into a healthy habit

In high school, Amelia was an energetic, happy person who played basketball and softball at Greers Ferry Westside. Her athleticism even earned her a softball scholarship to the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville. She eventually opted for nursing school where she buried herself in her academic life, becoming increasingly more inactive.

After nursing school, Amelia Reed, RN, began to settle into a fast-paced, high-stress career as a surgical nurse in the Conway Regional Surgery Department. Though she was buying a new home in Conway, she was not at home in her own body. Eventually, she found the Conway Regional Health & Fitness Center, but for her, something was missing. “I didn’t have a workout buddy, I had no one to hold me accountable.”  Thankfully, a friend told her about Mallory Lefler, a personal trainer at the Health & Fitness Center. Amelia describes Mallory as tough but understanding. “You can tell Mallory really cares about her clients. I hadn’t been active so we started off slow. But, she knew I had been an athlete; we amped up to full-blown cardio workouts.”

Two years later, Amelia is running 5Ks! She attributes this to Mallory pushing her out of her comfort zone combined with the amazing facilities at Conway Regional Health & Fitness Center. “Once you take the plunge, you will work out because you feel better, physically and mentally. After I have had a rough day, I work that tension off. I don’t hold it in any more. It’s a therapy session in workout form. Investing in my health is the best decision I have ever made.”

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