With precautionary measures in place, we reopened on Wednesday, May 13.
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Whether you want to increase range of motion, strengthen your core or dance your heart out, our aquatic fitness classes are a great low-impact exercise alternative. We offer 20 classes a week taught by our nationally certified instructors.

Group fitness classes and instructors are subject to change. Last minute cancellations may occur due to unavoidable circumstances.

Aquatic Class Schedule

Aquatic Class Descriptions

Aqua Amp | 45-minute format | This class offers a strength circuit designed to work all your major muscle groups.

Aqua Fit | 45-minute format | This multi-level aqua workout offers both cardiovascular and muscle conditioning, using the waters' resistance for a full-body workout.

Aqua R.O.M. | 45-minute format | Aqua R.O.M. is a workout specifically designed to enhance range of motion and flexibility. This class is ideal for participants with chronic pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Aqua Zumba | 45-minute format | Join the dance party with this low-impact, high-energy aquatic exercise that combines traditional elements of aqua fitness with upbeat, Latin-infused dance moves.

H20 Dance | 45-minute format | This low-impact, high-energy class combines today's hits with yesterday's favorites to offer a fun, dance-based aqua class.

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