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For many of us, our daily lives of work, school and socialization look much different than they did only a few weeks ago. During this time, Conway Regional Health & Fitness Center encourages everyone to keep moving – whether that’s at home, with your family or in a safe place outside.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) suggests adults participate in at least 150 minutes a week of cumulative moderate or vigorous physical activity. That’s just over 20 minutes a day. Remember movement is movement, workouts don’t have to be long to be effective!

Try to allow time each day for some fresh air and decrease your stress levels by moving. Exercise will benefit you not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

Partner up! Grab your spouse or another family member and take over the living room or back yard with some great music and some body weight exercises.

Looking for some motivation? Checkout our Facebook page for tons of videos posted by some of our group exercise instructors and personal trainers. Amanda Castillo is also offering live workouts on Facebook each day, Monday – Friday. These videos can be replayed anytime. A yoga practice is offered on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m., strength workouts are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:30 p.m., and every other Friday a barre workout is offered.

Start a new habit. If you are just starting or it has been a while since you exercised regularly, break up your workouts into multiple 10-15-minute sessions each day. You will get stronger!

Take a breather. Take deep breaths, stretch and include some type of daily relaxation.

  • Try closing your mouth and inhaling for a count of three through your nose, then exhale a count of four. Repeat several times until you feel calm.
  • Take a walk and try to get outdoors as much as you can (especially on sunny days) – even for a few minutes.
  • Don't forget there are tons of great yoga videos on our Facebook page to guide you.

Take time to unwind. Try to do some other activities you enjoy such as reading a chapter in book, playing your favorite music, lighting a candle or making a cup of tea. Another great way to unwind is with a long shower or hot bath.

Connect with others. Social distancing doesn't mean we disconnect, we find another way... a phone call, text or even FaceTime or Zoom.

Disconnect to re-frame or reset. Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including social media.

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